Following the decision at the last Congress, LEN moves its headquarters to Switzerland. The new location of the Office is going to be Nyon where a partnership was sealed on Tuesday by LEN President Paolo Barelli and State Councillor of the Department of Economy and Sport, Philippe Leuba. LEN is to set up its new headquarters in the city of Nyon – the move from Luxembourg is due in the next spring. The Bureau favoured to have the Office in Switzerland where LEN is registered and the LEN Congress approved the proposal back in September at Lake Garda.

LEN President Paolo Barelli and fellow Executives, General Secretary David Sparkes and Treasurer Tamas Gyarfas had studied several options and later in October, in the company of Executive Director Paulo Frischknecht, they travelled to Switzerland to find the best choice.

“We’ve found the future site of the LEN Office in Nyon where the conditions offered are ideal” LEN President Paolo Barelli said upon signing a partnership agreement with local State Councillor of the Department of Economy and Sport, Philippe Leuba.

“Since LEN is the continental governing body of aquatics, one of the most important sports in the world, we feel it’s inevitable to be close to other international federations whose headquarters are mostly located in Switzerland” the President added. “Sharing the knowledge, experience with other IFs and exploring new ways to promote our sport can also be among the benefits we’ll enjoy here.”

Access to the new Office will be really easy in the future as one of Europe’s most important airports, Geneva is located nearby and a direct rail-connection takes the visitors from the airport to Nyon where the LEN Office building is just a few metres away from the railway-station.



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