The cooperation agreement was announced by Ilona Dávid, the Chairman and Chief Executive of MÁV Zrt., András Csépke, the Chief Executive of the MÁV-START Zrt and Éva Szántó, the Executive Director of Bp2017 Kft. on 12 June.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the MÁV-START locomotive- decorated with the image elements of the 17th FINA World Championships- was held in the Hall of the Keleti Railway Station. Éva Risztov, Olimpic Champion Hungarian swimmer, one of the ambassadors of the World Championships, and Attila Vári, the coordinator of the Masters World Championships, two times Olimpic Champion, Hungarian water polo World Champion also participated in the ceremony.

Based on the agreement the railway company – as seeded passenger transporting partner- provides 50 % discount for visitors buying tickets for the World Championships. Besides ensuring favorable conditions for the spectators, MÁV-START aims to ease the work of the 3500 volunteers, participating in the organization of the championships, by providing five time free transport per capita between their residences, Budapest and Balatonfüred. The railway company runs free special trains from the capital for those who are accredited for the Masters’ open water swimming races in August.

Éva Szántó, the Executive Director of Bp2017 Kft.  announced: “ The currently signed agreement serves our purpose to make the experience of the championships available for everybody.  Along with the available ticket prices the travelling costs do not mean financial burden on the families either. It is also advantageous from organizational aspects as the 17th FINA World Championships and Masters World Championships in August are one of the most complex sport events of the world, needless to say these should be made into a well-functioning whole. Contributing to the experience, MÁV-START is providing free travelling possibilities for 3500 volunteers, and visitors accredited for the Masters in August.”

Ilona Dávid, Chairman and Chief Executive of MÁV Zrt. reminded, by putting locomotives in operation- decorated for illustrious historical jubilees, events, famous people or for the honor of the Golden Team are creating new railway traditions. These locomotives are carrying messages and touching our hearts. The message of the domestically organized World Championships now literally starts on its journey from the “starting block” of the Keleti Railway Station. The Taurus locomotive of the MÁV-START from now on is nationwide spreading the company’s commitment and reverence for the World Championships and their sportsmen participating in the races.

András Csépke, the Executive Director of MÁV-START Zrt. said: “Based on the expectations about 10 thousand people will travel by train to the locations of the races. In Budapest, namely in the Duna Arena and in the Margit Island visitors will have chance to buy both inland and international tickets, and in Balatonfüred MÁV-START’s mobile cash-desks are serving the travelers where they can get their preferential tickets stamped and can also buy their train tickets. Volunteers helping the work of the organizers can get their free train tickets to the locations of the FINA and Masters World Championships. For the latter, accredited competitors, nearly 1000 sportsmen, and their attendants will be transported by special trains of the MÁV-START. For this purpose on 10, 11 and 12 August 2 trains of 7 carriages will be put in daily operation. 


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