The Kombank Arena will see the highest attended match in European water polo history when Serbia and Montenegro clash in the final of the 32nd European Championships in Belgrade. LEN and the Organising Committee agreed that the pool set-up would be transformed and almost the entire seating capacity will be available for Saturday.

Serbia’s advancing to the final has already generated tremendous interest towards the last day of the 32nd European Championships in Belgrade but after arch-rival Montenegro also reached the final stage, “ticket demands are reaching sky-high” said LEN Operational Manager Marco Birri.

Plans were already on the table of transforming the set-up in the Kombank Arena and opening the closed stands for the public. Now LEN and the Organising Committee announced that the huge black curtain dividing the competition pool and the warm-up area is going to be removed, and almost the entire seating capacity will be available for the water polo fans.

“We ran through all details, updated our security plans and we are ready to welcome 16,000 fans to the Arena” LOC Executive Director Darko Udovicic said. He added, that the teams’ preparations in the warm-up pool wouldn’t be affected.

Lower rows behind the stage with limited or no visibility will not be opened, still, approximately 16,000 fans could cheer from the stands. This turn-out would mean Games is ranked as the highest attended match ever with 17,000 spectators – -Belgrade is ready to close up to this world record on Saturday.


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